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Company Profile

Hospera importer is a privately owned construction material retail sale based in Addis Ababa . with over ten years of experience in retail sales by giving good service to owner customers.

Hospeera importer officers its customers a wide range of services along with meeting the highest standards in quality , customers care and with a commitment to environmental safety.


Hospera aspires to be a leading center for creativity and innovation in the field of supplying owner customers satisfaction is always and each time giving solution is provided for everyone.


Our mission is to provide high quality. Cost effective ,efficient and environment friendly giving sales services for diverse customers ;Government Bureaus, Non Governmental Organization, International Organization, Embassies, factories, schools and private business.

Hospera Values

At the Hospera we never promise anything that we cannot deliver in time with high care and quality standards. We highly uphold the following values in our decisions and actions:

  • Customers satisfaction
  • Sharp delivery
  • 99% accuracy
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Environmental safety
  • Customer loyalty and trust
  • Gender quality
  • Equal opportunity for employment
  • Honesty and honor in paying taxes
  • Social responsibility

Company Plan

The Enterprise has a short term as well as medium term plans. In the short term, the Enterprise plans to expand its volume of the operation by importing and opening additional branch increasing its marketing activities, participating in auctions,etc.
The enterprise’s medium term plan is to expand the project to ,manufacturing metals product


Our major services are government , non-government, business enterprises and firms supping gods with fare price.

Key Customer

The Enterprise supplying with government ,non government ,business Enterprises and firms in the same sector engaged in sailing.

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